Why am I studying PR?

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For my first post on this blog I thought it would be a good idea to expand on my “About me” page and talk a little bit about why I am now studying PR, having graduated from a Sports Journalism course in 2019.


The question ‘Why are you studying PR?’ is one I have been asked a lot since September, along with ‘What is PR?’ and ‘I thought you wanted to do sports journalism?’


If you did click onto my about page above, you’ll have seen that sports journalism is still very much what I want to go into, but I have always favoured the in-house route rather than external press.


This is where the answer to the other two questions comes in. Before answering why I’m studying PR, I would usually have to explain to people what PR actually is.


“Public Relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.” – CIPR definition.


PR is difficult to define given the range of activities it can cover, but the CIPR give what is probably the clearest definition.


Now back to the first question, ‘Why are you studying PR?’. Most sports clubs have their own websites and their own social media sites, and controlling those are their media/PR/marketing teams.


While the main reason for choosing PR for a Masters was to take another step towards my aim of working in-house at a sports club, it was certainly not the only reason.


I have been working towards my aim of working for a sports club for long enough to realise that there are not a large number of jobs available in that industry.


With a sports journalism degree and with most of my work experience coming volunteering for football clubs, I had left myself very closed off in terms of potential jobs after University.


I saw studying PR as a great way to open up opportunities that might otherwise have been unavailable to me.


Companies in almost every industry now have their own websites and social media pages, which means rather than closing doors, as I was previously, I am now attempting to open doors.


Another key reason why I ended up studying PR is that the summer after graduation did not go as well as I had hoped it might.


I knew going into the summer that a degree on its own wouldn’t be enough to make me stand out.


I’d hoped the experience I’d gained along the way might help me, but despite getting an interview at Sky Sports News, I didn’t get a single interview for a media role at a sports club.


Masters degrees are not for everyone, that’s something I’d been told many times during the previous three years, and to be honest I never really expected to be doing a Masters myself.


I found myself in a situation where I had to decide whether to take a job I didn’t want to do or find another way to make me stand out.


I decided the Masters degree was the way to go, and after debating between PR or Marketing, I opted for PR.


Six months have gone by now since I started the course and, at the moment, I think I made the right choice. What I don’t know at this stage is where I’ll end up next.


I’ve made no secret on this post of where I would like to end up, but I think working anywhere in PR would be of interest to me.

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